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Digital Nomads to Shape Goa as India’s Leading Creative & Innovation Hub says Khaunte

Digital Nomads to Shape Goa as India’s Leading Creative & Innovation Hub says Khaunte

Goa recently hosted “Monsoon Connect: Goa’s Digital Nomad Meetup” at Seashell, showcasing its commitment to embracing the diverse opportunities and rich experiences of digital nomads. Organized by the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Government of Goa, to position Goa as the ultimate destination for digital nomads and innovative professionals.

Minister Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte spearheaded the event to promote collaborative efforts in establishing Goa’s digital nomad community. The aim was to share the government’s visionary plans, build meaningful connections, and encourage collaboration among digital nomads. The event highlighted Goa as a premier hub for innovation, creativity, and remote work, showcasing the state’s lush greenery, cultural richness, and advanced technological infrastructure.

The event was honored by the presence of the Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, Printing and Stationery and Tourism, Government of Goa, Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte, Director of ITE&C Ms. Yashaswini B., IAS, OSD to the Minister of ITE&C Mr. Neville Noronha and CEO of Startup and IT Promotion Cell Mr. D S Prashant.

In addressing the Digital Nomads Hon’ble Minister Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte emphasized the immense potential of Goa as a global opportunities aggregator, extending far beyond its traditional reliance on tourism. “Recognizing an important role of technology, we are committed to establishing a knowledge hub that embodies our ethos, traditions, and culture while ensuring sustainability.

The Department of IT is actively cultivating a robust ecosystem essential for Goa’s future prosperity, focusing on initiatives such as the Design Village, improving connectivity, implementing various programs, and refining policies to support digital nomads, startups, and creative industries. By 2024, Goa aims to emerge as a vibrant technology hub, celebrating your significant contributions. Together, let’s craft a new narrative for Goa – a place where digital nomads and creative professionals thrive, contributing to an economy driven by talent and innovation.”

Mr. D. S. Prashant further emphasized Goa’s commitment to building something consistent over time by encouraging innovative design-based companies and nurturing local talent to thrive. This aligns with India’s national agenda, positioning the country as a Startup Powerhouse. Additionally, the initiative #Workation Goa aims to attract professionals seeking a blend of work and leisure in an inspiring environment. The Tuem Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) further contributes by aiming to create a competitive ecosystem, complemented by the vision of developing a Design Village to enhance Goa’s recognition as a creative hub.

Attendees actively engaged in discussions and networking sessions with the Minister. Mr. Mayur Sontakke founder of NomadGao highlighted Goa’s potential as a coworking and coliving destination for digital nomads and remote teams. Mr. Prasann, founder of Imagination at Arambol, proposed initiatives aimed at transforming Goa into a creative capital by supporting artisans, promoting cultural practitioners, and advocating for edu-tourism.

Mr. Robert Dias, an Agricultural Waste Recycling Enthusiast, suggested collaborating with international institutions to establish centers of excellence and skill development programs for knowledge workers. Ms. Debarati Chakraborty, Co-founder of urjaa.wellness, sought mentorship opportunities and connections with local talent. Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of bridging the communication gap between government policies and public awareness. They emphasized the need for a centralized information source that would empower citizens to easily access and benefit from government initiatives and support.

Additionally, the suggestion was made to host a global conference on digital nomadism in India within the next year or two, aiming to enhance Goa’s reputation as a top destination for remote workers.

The event facilitated networking opportunities to build meaningful connections among attendees, promoting a spirit of community and collaboration. It laid the groundwork for ongoing initiatives such as regular meetups, workshops, and events to foster a supportive environment for digital nomads.

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