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Entire 164 Goa hajis are unharmed: Haj Committee Chief

Entire 164 Goa hajis are unharmed: Haj Committee Chief

Following a deadly heat wave in Mecca, Saudi Arabia that has resulted in the loss of more than 500 lives, Urfan Mulla, Chairman of the Goa Haj Committee, has reassured the public that all 164 Goa Hajis are safe and have been located. This announcement has brought a sense of relief amidst rising concerns over the tragic incidents that have occurred at the holy site, including the loss of 68 Indian nationals.

Addressing the media, Mulla shared, “We can confirm that all 164 Goa Hajis who embarked on their journey from our state on June 8, 2024, are unharmed. We are closely coordinating with the National Haj Committee secretary and government officials to monitor the situation.”

Mulla highlighted the personal involvement of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in overseeing the safety of the pilgrims, with direct communication maintained with union ministers to ensure their well-being. The Goa contingent is scheduled to return home on July 19, 2024, as per the chairman’s confirmation.

The ongoing heat wave in Mecca has presented considerable challenges for pilgrims participating in the annual Haj pilgrimage. With temperatures reaching dangerous levels, emergency measures have been put in place by Saudi authorities to safeguard visitors and prevent further casualties.

This year’s Haj season has been exceptionally tough, with the global death toll exceeding 500. The Indian government has expressed great concern over the unfortunate loss of 68 of its citizens and is collaborating closely with Saudi officials to offer assistance to affected families.

As Goa Hajis make preparations for their journey back home, local authorities are working together to ensure a smooth and secure return. The Goa Haj Committee is providing families with regular updates and has reassured them of the support that will be extended upon the pilgrims’ arrival.

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