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Majorda Urges Action to Manage Stray Dog Population

Majorda Urges Action to Manage Stray Dog Population

At the recent gram sabha meetings in Majorda, Utorda, and Calata villages, the pressing issue of stray dogs in South Goa’s coastal areas was addressed and discussed. Concerned members also called for the panchayat to request additional traffic personnel from the Colva traffic cell to manage traffic near schools and prevent congestion.

The budget and audit report for the upcoming financial year were presented and discussed after the approval of the previous meeting’s minutes at the gram sabha. Among the topics proposed for discussion was the escalating problem of stray dogs in the region’s coastal villages, particularly in South Goa.

Members emphasized the importance of taking proactive measures to control the rising population of stray dogs and agreed to communicate with the relevant department to initiate vaccination and awareness campaigns on the issue.

The gram sabha was overseen by sarpanch Linet Vaz. Talks about the traffic congestion experienced during school hours prompted the recommendation of implementing regulations to discourage parents from stopping on the road while dropping off their children. Members suggested that a plan be formulated in collaboration with the road and safety traffic committee.

During the meeting, the BDO presented a proposal to consider the village for the model category designation. The proposal outlined various criteria, such as the availability of functional toilets in households, anganwadi facilities, schools, separate toilets for men and women at the panchayat, a solid waste management system, ODF status, and minimal public littering, that could make the village eligible for the model category tag. Despite the potential benefits, the gram sabha ultimately decided to reject the proposal due to the village not meeting all the specified criteria.

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