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MMC Initiates GIS Mapping Survey to Improve Revenue and Establish Transparency

MMC Initiates GIS Mapping Survey to Improve Revenue and Establish Transparency

The launch of the Geographical Information Survey (GIS) Mapping project by the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) marks a significant milestone, as it becomes the first council in South Goa to embark on such an ambitious initiative in nearly three decades.

At a meeting chaired by MMC Chairperson Girish Borker, representatives from GSUDA, MMC councillors, and Chief Officer Deepesh Priolkar discussed the project’s implementation.

In a statement to the press, GSUDA’s Savio D’Souza emphasized the project’s importance in enhancing property tax assessment accuracy. He explained that many structures have not been properly accounted for, leading to revenue loss. By conducting a GIS-based survey of all structures, authorized and unauthorized, the project aims to create transparency and visibility on a unified map of Goa.

The project aims to increase transparency and accountability by making all mapped data accessible to the public. The Municipal Corporation (MMC) will have improved oversight over tax management and the ability to monitor any encroachments by integrating construction licenses into the system. It is important to note that this mapping initiative does not alter the legal status of structures; rather, its purpose is to facilitate the collection of charges for services provided by the MMC.

Furthermore, D’Souza highlighted that certain residents have extended their homes without updating their tax details.

“We anticipate that the implementation of this system will allow for the accurate assessment and taxation of all newly developed areas. The project, which is being financed by grants from the 15th Finance Commission through GSUDA, is a one-time investment for MMC that can be recouped within two years. We aim to have the entire South Goa GIS Mapping completed within 18 months,” stated D’Souza.

Girish Borker, the Chairperson of MMC, expressed confidence in the positive impact that this initiative will have on the revenue of MMC.

One of the key advantages of this initiative is that properties belonging to central organizations such as the Navy and Railways will now be included in the mapping process. Previously, these organizations did not contribute financially, but now we have the opportunity to collect taxes from them. The last survey of properties was conducted 28 years ago.”

MMC Chief Officer Deepesh Priolkar emphasized the importance of implementing GIS Mapping for enhancing MMC’s financial stability.

Priolkar mentioned that while manual assessments were initially conducted, the precision and reliability of data provided by expert agencies are paramount. He highlighted that the GIS Mapping project commenced in North Goa and urged the DMA and GSUDA to expedite the process in MMC due to the municipality’s critical financial position.

According to Priolkar, the accurate data obtained through this project has the potential to significantly increase house tax revenue, leading to self-sufficiency for MMC. The target is to have this system operational by April 2025. He called for cooperation from the public, government bodies, MLAs, and councillors to ensure the success of the initiative.

Concluding his statement, Priolkar stated that the GIS Mapping project will revolutionize property tax assessment, boost revenue generation, and secure MMC’s financial stability for future growth and improvements.

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