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Heartbreaking Scene on the Road in Karnataka: Two cars and six men Involved.

Heartbreaking Scene on the Road in Karnataka: Two cars and six men Involved.

In Udupi, a coastal town in Karnataka, a man sustained injuries during a brawl between two groups. A video capturing the incident on the night of May 18 has circulated widely on social media. The scuffle involved six individuals, leading to the arrest of two, with four currently evading authorities. The altercation was reportedly sparked by a financial disagreement, as stated by the police.

The footage of a violent altercation involving a group in Udupi, Karnataka, has spread rapidly online.
A man sustained injuries during a clash between two groups in the coastal town of Udupi. The incident occurred on the night of May 18 and was captured on video, which has since been widely circulated on social media.

According to authorities, six individuals were part of the altercation. Two of them have been apprehended by the police, with the remaining four currently evading capture.
The altercation reportedly stemmed from a financial disagreement.

The video, filmed by a resident of a nearby high-rise building, shows two Maruti Swift cars on the road where the confrontation took place. One of the vehicles reversed at high speed, colliding with the other car’s bonnet and emitting black smoke. Subsequently, individuals from both cars exited and engaged in physical altercations. During the melee, one of the cars struck a man wielding a stick, causing him to fall to the ground and sustain injuries. The video was shared by a doctor from Karnataka on X platform.

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