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Peddem Junction Inspected by MLA Adv Carlos Ferreira

Peddem Junction was recently inspected by MLA Adv Carlos Ferreira to address the traffic concerns plaguing the area. Together with representatives from the National Highway of India (NHAI) and the Police Department, Ferreira emphasized the urgent need for a lasting resolution to the congestion problem at this bustling intersection. The inspection, attended by local residents and concerned citizens, aimed to find a permanent solution.

MLA Carlos inspects Peddem Junction

The Peddem junction is an accident-prone area due to the intersection of 8-12 roads.

During the inspection, concerned citizens raised issues regarding the lack of police personnel, traffic signals, signboards, and streetlights at the junction, noting that vehicles often exceed the speed limit on this highway.

The MLA confirmed that he has already forwarded a proposal for a flyover to the appropriate government authorities.

“Earlier, a flyover was supposed to come up at this function. However, it was dropped due to various reasons, one of which was the presence of the Bastora flyover is close proximity. However, I have met the Chief Minister and PWD Minister, who had cited lack of state funds for the project. I urged them to reconsider and send my proposal to the Centre seeking funds. So, we will put up a demand for a flyover and will follow on the issue,” he said.

“I had called 2 departments, NHAI and police, for this inspection. The police have to make suggestions relating to the road. If their notes are not included, the proposal may not be considered. NHAI gives the sanctions and then the work is executed.

So it is NHAI alone who has to do it, and they cannot pass the buck to municipality and panchayat or anyone else,” he said.

MLA Carlos inspects Peddem Junction

It has been suggested that an augmentation in law enforcement presence at this intersection is imperative to effectively manage the various access and egress points, according to his statement.

“The police presence should not only be for VIP movement, it should also be for regular people also. We don’t want any casualties here,” he said.

MLA Carlos Ferreira stated that closing the junction to hinder the movement of vehicles coming from different directions is impractical since it would cause inconvenience to the residents in the area.

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