Goa government agreement with Tata Memorial Cent for Cancer Institute in Goa

The establishment of the State Cancer Institute in Goa will be a game-changer, benefiting the people of the state significantly. One of the major advantages is that Goans will no longer have to travel outside the state for treatment, as the hospital will provide world-class facilities right at their doorstep. Emphasizing the same culture as Tata Institute in Mumbai, this new facility aims to deliver top-notch medical services, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

The encouragement from the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s letter has propelled us to work even harder for the betterment of Goa. His office’s constant monitoring of the project’s progress further fuels our commitment to achieving success. Building on the concept of an active cancer registry in Goa, we aim to record the number of cases accurately, which will aid in better planning, resource allocation and treatment for the hospital. The CM’s proactive approach has been instrumental in further pushing this project forward, showing unwavering support and dedication.

Working in consultation with Tata Institute, we aim to establish a robust ecosystem that will offer cutting-edge services, akin to those provided by Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Besides medical treatment, we recognize the importance of counseling for patients and their families to maintain a positive mindset while fighting the disease. Understanding the pivotal role of nursing care in a patient’s journey, we emphasize sensitivity and compassion. Together with the doctors, the nursing team plays a significant role in supporting patients throughout their battle with cancer.
The people of Goa are deeply grateful to Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for his passionate commitment to this institute. His active involvement in monitoring every step of the project’s development demonstrates his unwavering dedication to the well-being of Goans.

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