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The Startup Ecosystem Stakeholders jointly launch an Innovative Monthly Programme to Foster Ecosystem Synergy, The Founders Club

August 09, 2023, Panaji – Goa: In a move to catalyze collaboration and innovation, the State ecosystem stakeholders; State, Incubators, Co-working Spaces, Academia & Industry Associations unveiled an exciting new initiative, “Founders Club” – a series of monthly events aimed at synergizing the local ecosystem. Marking its debut at Surendrababu Timblo Hall at GCCI, Panaji, the inaugural episode of this program was an enriching experience for over 100 participants. Startups connected through this interactive program with industrialists having varied experience in various sectors namely Dr. Sangam Kurade, Mr. Jack Sukhija, Mr. Kirit Maganlal, and Mr. Goutam Raj.

The program was jointly moderated by Mr. Lalit Saraswat, Chairman, Startups at GCCI, and Mr. D. S. Prashant, CEO & Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa.

Designed as a platform for interaction between startup founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, and aspiring startups, particularly students, this innovative series is set to become a recurring highlight on Goa’s calendar. Organizers have pledged to host a similar event every month, encompassing diverse locations across the State.

Anticipation is building for what lies ahead, as attendees can expect an engaging forum to exchange ideas, gain valuable insights, and stay abreast of the latest trends. This unique program seeks to foster a vibrant community, enabling founders and visionaries to connect, share their experiences, and collaborate in ways that drive progress.

With an emphasis on fostering dialogues and facilitating learning, participants will have the opportunity to not only showcase their ideas but also listen to fellow founders’ stories, lending a diverse perspective to the discourse. In a world where innovation is key, this initiative sets the stage for constructive conversations that can shape the trajectory of Goa’s entrepreneurial landscape.

As Goa embarks on this journey to cultivate an environment of cooperation and knowledge exchange, the first episode of this trailblazing series is bound to captivate the attention of individuals eager to be part of this pioneering movement. The spotlight is now firmly on Goa, as it takes its first step toward nurturing an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

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