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Call for Inclusive Public Burial Sites in Goa-Khalap

Call for Inclusive Public Burial Sites in Goa-Khalap

During his time as Chairman of the Law Commission of Goa, INDIA bloc’s North Goa candidate Adv Ramakant Khalap suggested the establishment of public crematoria to address the issue of certain communities lacking their own burial grounds in Goa.

He highlighted this proposal during a corner meeting at Uccasiam, stating that he had submitted 22 reports on land, rivers, and water bodies in Goa to protect these assets for future generations. Khalap emphasized the need for public crematoria and burial places, which could be managed by committees appointed by authorities at different levels, following the model of similar facilities in advanced countries like America.

Khalap also mentioned his efforts in advocating for the inclusion of the Mundkar and Tenancy Act in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution.

“I have consistently represented the interests of farmers and tenants, particularly the mundkars. Despite facing legal challenges in the high court, I worked diligently to safeguard these laws. Together with Shashikala Kakodkar, I engaged with then Prime Minister Morarji Desai to secure their placement in the 9th Schedule, shielding them from future legal disputes. This was achieved during my early days in the assembly, reflecting my unwavering commitment to serving the people. By voting for me, you can entrust me with being your voice,” he emphasized.
Furthermore, Khalap highlighted the lack of financial allocation from MPLAD funds towards the development of Ibrampur, which was adopted by the current MP, Shripad Naik, as a model village.

Call for Inclusive Public Burial Sites in Goa-Khalap

Aldona MLA and coordinator for the North Goa Lok Sabha seat, Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira expressed his concerns about the current sitting MP, stating that there is no report card available for the incumbent.
Ferreira mentioned that the MP is requesting one more chance, a final opportunity, and has promised not to contest again. He cautioned that granting such a wish is akin to accepting a death wish, indicating that the MP may not be actively involved in serving the people for the next five years if re-elected.

Ferreira urged voters to support Ramakant Khalap and the Congress party, emphasizing the importance of standing by him and electing him with a strong majority. Additionally, Ferreira alerted voters to the potential changes that could be implemented to the Constitution by the BJP government.

“I ask you, don’t fall prey to this. Don’t allow division of votes. We should all be united. The power is in our hands. If we allow this power to slip out of our hands, we will regret it, not just for the next five years, but for future generations. The type of changes that they are trying to do, the type of destruction of our people and nation which is going to be done will impact generations. We don’t want to go back to the Nazi rule, we don’t want dictatorship. We don’t want the Constitution to be rewritten. We don’t want democracy to be trampled upon,” he asserted.

Speaking at a corner meeting in Bastora, Khalap discussed his efforts to implement various e-initiatives in the state that were ultimately not implemented by the government. He highlighted the formation of a committee led by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, alongside prominent figures such as Azim Premji and Narayan Murthy. The committee submitted a report within 3 months outlining plans for e-education, e-governance, IT infrastructure, and more. Despite initial efforts to begin work on these initiatives, the government opted to take on the projects themselves, resulting in significantly higher costs. Khalap expressed disappointment in the lack of progress in implementing e-governance initiatives at various levels in the state, noting that these efforts have yet to materialize.

During the implementation of e-enabled services, there was a focus on providing specialized training to individuals, such as those with a basic computer literacy level equivalent to a 10th grade education. This training was conducted at camps to equip young people with specific skills, like proficiency in English for back-end office work, leading to employment opportunities. Unfortunately, there was a missed opportunity to create job opportunities locally. Additionally, there were plans to establish an Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) similar to the renowned Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), but no action was taken to materialize this initiative.

Ferreira expressed concern to voters about the potential threat to democracy. He highlighted the BJP’s goal of achieving 400 seats and raised questions about their intentions to amend the Constitution. There is a growing fear that the BJP’s actions could negatively impact the country’s future. Ferreira criticized the party for their ‘use and throw’ policy, citing an example of a non-performing asset MP who has failed to represent Goa effectively in Parliament. Despite holding a ministerial position with control over ministry finances, the MP has not contributed to job creation or the betterment of Goans.

Call for Inclusive Public Burial Sites in Goa-Khalap

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