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Dombivli blasts: Boiler was unregistered, used highly reactive peroxides

The Dombivli boiler blasts resulted in shattered glass panes and rooftop damage up to a 4-km radius.

Dombivli blasts: Boiler was unregistered, used highly reactive peroxides

The casualty count in the aftermath of a blast at a chemical factory in Thane district, Maharashtra, rose to 11 as 3 additional bodies were recovered. Over 60 individuals sustained injuries in multiple explosions that took place on Thursday.

Dombivli blasts: Boiler was unregistered, used highly reactive peroxides

Key details of the Dombivli blasts:

  • The explosions occurred in a boiler at Amudan Chemicals Private Limited, a food colour manufacturing company owned by Malay Mehta, situated in Phase 2 of Dombivli MIDC area.
  • According to the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), the blasts were triggered by the use of peroxides, which are highly reactive and unstable chemicals that can lead to violent explosions in specific conditions.
  • The initial explosion was recorded around 1:40 pm, followed by subsequent blasts. At the time of the incident, there were ten individuals in the factory including the manager, six workers, and three watchmen.
  • The impact of the blasts caused windows to shatter and roofs to be damaged within a 4-km radius, resulting in panic and injuries among nearby residents.
  • Smoke was seen rising from the location as a large fire spread to nearby factories, including Amber Chemical Company, MKG, and Metropolitan.
  • The explosion had a significant impact on a nearby eatery called Ganesh Bhuvan, causing extensive damage.
  • Numerous chemical-filled drums exploded sequentially, leading to a massive fire. The state Industries and Labour Department noted that the factory’s boiler was not registered under the India Boiler Regulations, 1950.
  • It took nearly eight hours to bring the fire under control, but the cause of the explosion remains unknown. The factory owners have been charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder by the police.
  • Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and other officials visited the site to offer support to the families of the victims. A compensation of ₹5 lakh each for the deceased’s families has been announced.

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