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Ferreira Seeks Solution to Recurring Power Cuts in Aldona, Meets Minister

Ferreira Seeks Solution to Recurring Power Cuts in Aldona, Meets Minister

Local MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira recently met with Power Minister Ramkrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar to discuss the frequent power fluctuations in the Aldona constituency. He was accompanied by a group of concerned locals and panchayat members.

During the meeting, Ferreira expressed the frustrations of the constituency due to the ongoing power cuts despite pre-monsoon maintenance efforts. He highlighted the regular outages that occur nearly 5 times a day for extended periods, causing inconvenience to the residents. Ferreira emphasized the impact of these power failures on daily life, including the inability to use household appliances and disruptions to work.

Furthermore, Ferreira urged the power department to allocate additional resources, such as an extra vehicle with staff, to promptly address power-related issues in the constituency.

The MLA has raised concerns regarding a staff shortage at the local division and has made a formal representation to address this issue. In addition to the staffing shortage, there is also a need for another vehicle to adequately serve the entire constituency. The Minister has assured that an additional vehicle with more staff will be provided to meet these needs. Furthermore, the MLA has requested for the restoration of dug roads in the area.

In light of the current situation, the MLA has urged the department to increase the deployment of staff at the Gavar substation. Discussions have also taken place regarding the ongoing problems in Bastora, specifically with the recurring failures of the Guirim feeder. The department has acknowledged this issue and it has been suggested that the Guirim feeder be shifted to the Bastora feeder to alleviate these problems.

Additionally, it has been recommended to station staff at the Gavar sub-division to more efficiently address issues in the vicinity. This would help prevent delays, as currently staff from the Nagoa substation have to travel a considerable distance to reach Gavar, taking nearly 25 minutes. He highlighted that the staff at Gavar will respond more quickly once they are stationed there.

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