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PM Narendra Modi Attends in Huge Public Gathering in South Goa

PM Narendra Modi Attends in Huge Public Gathering in South Goa.

PM Narendra Modi delivered a powerful speech at a massive rally in South Goa ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He expressed confidence in the support of the people, stating that the feedback from the ground indicates a strong belief in “Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar”. PM Narendra Modi praised Goa for representing the spirit of unity and progress in the country.

Indian PM Narendra Modi Attends in Public Gathering in South Goa

During his address, PM Narendra Modi highlighted the contrasting approaches of the NDA and the I.N.D.I alliance. He emphasized the NDA’s focus on fulfilling aspirations through a saturation-led approach, in contrast to the I.N.D.I alliance’s emphasis on greed and dynasty politics. PM Narendra Modi stressed the importance of “Santushtikaran” in our model, as opposed to the “Tushtikaran” approach of the I.N.D.I alliance.

The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to inclusive development, with the motto of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. He assured the audience that his government will continue to work towards ensuring that the benefits of development reach every corner of the country.

In emphasizing the significance of the fisheries sector in India’s advancing economic development, Prime Minister Modi remarked that the government has placed a special focus on this industry by establishing a dedicated Ministry of Fisheries. He indicated that various measures have been implemented to support fisheries, including extending credit facilities, providing insurance schemes, and improving production and processing capabilities for fishermen. Additionally, efforts have been made to promote the cultivation of organic seaweed, creating additional income avenues for fishermen.

During his address, PM Narendra Modi emphasized the growing tourism potential and global recognition of India’s rich cultural heritage. He highlighted that in the past decade, tourist arrivals in the country have surged by over 2 crores compared to the era of the I.N.D.I alliance-led governments. Additionally, he noted that the foreign exchange earnings from international tourism have doubled during the same period.

Indian PM Narendra Modi Attends in Public Gathering in South Goa

PM Narendra Modi also pointed out that the implementation of e-tourist visas has played a significant role in attracting more international visitors to Goa. He expressed optimism that initiatives like G20 meetings and the ‘Wed in India’ campaign will greatly enhance Goa’s tourism prospects on both domestic and international fronts.

Furthermore, PM Modi mentioned that improved infrastructure, such as the construction of the Zuari bridge and the introduction of Vande Bharat trains, has enhanced connectivity in Goa, further bolstering the state’s appeal as a tourist destination.

In light of the growing popularity of football in Goa, Prime Minister Modi emphasized Goa’s rich sporting culture. He also expressed his belief that India will soon host the Olympic Games.

Expressing concern over the I.N.D.I alliance, PM Modi criticized their approach of negativity and appeasement, which goes against the principles of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ and the Indian Constitution. He highlighted a Congress Leader’s statement, indicating a lack of respect for the Indian Constitution and a divisive agenda. PM Modi also noted the Congress Party’s opposition to the abrogation of Article 370, attributing it to their policy of appeasement. Additionally, he denounced their support for religion-based reservation over the existing reservations for SC-ST-OBC communities, seeing it as a concerning trend.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted India’s recent advancements and stated that global interest in investing in sectors such as aviation, tourism, and hospitality is on the rise. However, he also expressed concern over the Congress party’s proposal to implement an inheritance tax, which he believes would unfairly exploit the people of India. He criticized the Congress for their alleged plans to conduct a caste-based analysis of individuals’ wealth, stating that their philosophy seems to be centered around “Loot, Zindagi ke Saath bhi, Zindagi ke Baad bhi.”

Indian PM Narendra Modi Attends in Public Gathering in South Goa

To sum up, Prime Minister Modi stated that the Congress party’s tactic to win elections is based on spreading falsehoods. He further mentioned that, due to its own shortcomings, Congress has resorted to spreading misinformation about electronic voting machines (EVMs), which poses a threat to India’s democratic system. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that every vote goes to the NDA to keep India progressing on the path of development.

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