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President Of India Graces The 1st Convocation Of Mahatma Gandhi Central University

Smt. Droupadi Murmu, the esteemed President of India, graced the inaugural convocation of Mahatma Gandhi Central University in Motihari, Bihar.

In her address to the students, the President emphasized their privileged status as members of an institution that honors the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, who famously led India’s first satyagraha. By being part of this university, they are intricately linked to a treasured heritage that commands worldwide admiration.

The President conveyed that comprehending and embracing the principles upheld by Gandhiji requires understanding the positive outcomes of simplicity and truth. She stressed that living a life of simplicity and truth is the surest path towards genuine happiness, peace, and recognition. The President implored students to make a firm resolution to consistently adhere to the path of truth in their thoughts, words, and actions, in harmony with Bapu’s teachings.

Highlighting Gandhiji’s impact, the President remarked that he instilled a stronger belief in non-violence, compassion, morality, and selfless service among the masses. He deeply intertwined our society, politics, and spirituality with the essence of Indianness. Across the global community, Gandhiji is widely regarded as the epitome of India’s identity and values.

The President emphasized the profound influence of the historical Champaran satyagraha on the societal landscape. This significant movement witnessed people from all walks of life cooking and eating together, disregarding caste disparities. She remarked that approximately 106 years ago, under the guidance of Gandhiji, the people of Champaran embraced the principles of social equality and unity, compelling the British rule to yield. Today, we still find ourselves on the path towards a modern and developed India by upholding the very same values of social equality and unity.

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