Sunil Grover’s Humor on The Great Indian Kapil Show is Criticized by Sunil Pal

Sunil Grover’s humor on The Great Indian Kapil Show is criticized by Sunil Pal

Sunil Grover portrays the character of Dafli in The Great Indian Kapil Show. Comedian Sunil Pal appears to have reservations about the comedic content in that specific segment of the show, where Sunil Grover dresses as a woman and delivers what he deems as ‘vulgar jokes.’ In an interview with Telly Talk, Sunil Pal expressed disapproval of the Netflix show, particularly voicing criticism of the segment involving Sunil Grover and other comedians, labeling their style of humor as ‘lowbrow.’

During the interview, Sunil expressed his concerns about Sunil Grover’s comedic content, suggesting that it may be becoming repetitive and lacking in originality. He mentioned feeling uncomfortable with certain aspects of Grover’s performances, such as dressing up as a woman and delivering vulgar lines. Sunil emphasized the importance of Grover focusing on his craft rather than trying to offer advice or make vulgar jokes that may not resonate with audiences.

He proceeded to discuss Sunil, as well as Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda dressing up as women. He expressed his disapproval of their performances, stating, “Men are coming dressed as women, lacking energy and appearing vulgar. It seems as if I am being served the same biryani from two days ago… It comes across as cheap. Is this how women are respected?”

Sunil Grover is known for his characters Guthhi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati on Comedy Nights with Kapil. In the current format of the show, he portrays the character of Dafli. The Great Indian Kapil Show can be streamed on Netflix.

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