EDC Limited’s Board Meeting on Consolidated Financial Statement Approval

EDC Limited’s Board Meeting was held to approve the Consolidated Financial Statement comprising of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement for the FY 2022-23.

The meeting was attended by EDC’s Chairman – Dr. Pramod Sawant and other Board of Directors of EDC

EDC Limited's Board Meeting on Consolidated Financial Statement Approval
EDC’s Chairman – Dr. Pramod Sawant

EDC Limited has been consistently achieving increasing revenues and profits over the past years. This year too, under the leadership of Hon. Chief Minister, EDC’s financial performance has been very robust:

The Board also recommended a dividend of 100.92 Lacs for the FY 2022-23

The EDC Limited Board also discussed several other operational issues and took some important decisions such as:

  1. Recommending some revisions in the CMRY Loan Scheme for approval of the Government in order to make it more attractive to the Goan entrepreneurs

2. Revising some of the procedures of the Term Loan’s to industries so that:

  • The loan appraisal process can be expedited; and
  • The loans are available to the industrialists at a floating rate of interest

The Board took note of the achievements of EDC and the Hon. CM expressed his vision for the Corporation.

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